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After moving to the US, a filmmaker and first-time mom discovers active shooter drills in Texas daycares. She takes a deep dive into the state’s controversial school safety protocols. It seems to stir everyone: how can we protect our children from ‘the bad guy’?


written & directed by KWINTEN GERNAY & LOUISE VAN ASSCHE | producers MAARTEN BERNAERTS & BARBARA DYCK | assistant producer FREDA MCGAHA | cinematogrophy 7 editing KWINTEN GERNAY | sound engineer LOUISE VAN ASSCHE | sound editing & mix | HUGO HERMANS & NICK LEYERS | grading CHIARA PONTUALI | title design ANNELIES VAES | music SEPPE DYCK | supported by THE FLEMISH AUDIOVISUAL FUND (VAF), THE PASCAL DECROOS FUND, VRT, SABAM

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© Louise Van Assche

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